Business Partner for 25 years

Carl Zeiss IMT GmbH

Carl Zeiss IMT GmbH

Bridge-type and horizontal arm coordinate measurement machines, optical and multisensor systems and machines, computer tomography.

  • Accretech Tokyo Semitzu

    Accretech Tokyo Semitzu

    Measurement of form and surface.

  • Bilz Vibration Technology AG

    Bilz Vibration Technology AG

    Insulation pads, levelling elements, precision levelling wedges, rubber and membrane air springs, vibration insulated laboratory tables and platforms.

  • Diatest Herman Költgen GmbH

    Diatest Herman Költgen GmbH

    High-precision bore gauging instruments and measuring solutions.

  • Dr. Heinrich Schneider Messtechnik GmbH

    Dr. Heinrich Schneider Messtechnik GmbH

    Profile projectors and multisensor measuring instruments, Workshop microscopes.

  • Dostmann electronik GmbH

    Dostmann electronik GmbH

    Equipment for measuring of Temperature, Humidity, Pressure and Flow.

  • Essent Optics

    Essent Optics

    Spectrophotometers , optical monitoring systems.

  • Feinmess Suhl GmbH

    Feinmess Suhl GmbH

    Systems for calibration of test equipment, measurement devices and instruments.

  • Feinmesstechnik GmbH

    Feinmesstechnik GmbH

    Measuring wires, test pins, plug limit gauges.

  • Hildebrand Prüf- und Meßtechnik GmbH

    Hildebrand Prüf- und Meßtechnik GmbH

    Durometers - measuring the hardness of rubber, plastics and other non-metallic materials.

  • Käfer Messuhrenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG

    Käfer Messuhrenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG

    Digital and analogue dial test, depth and thickness gauges. magnetic holders and stands, precision measuring tables.

  • Längenmesstechnik GmbH

    Längenmesstechnik GmbH

    Standard gauges and gauges blocks, pin gauges and spirit levels.

  • List-Magnetik GmbH

    List-Magnetik GmbH

    Measuring equipment for coating thickness, magnetic field meters, magnetizing and demagnetizing equipment, ultrasonic thickness gauges and surface testing devices.

  • LMW Lehren- und Meßgerätewerk Schmalkalden GmbH

    LMW Lehren- und Meßgerätewerk Schmalkalden GmbH

    Threat gauges, gauges for cylindrical and flat fits, special gauges and precision parts.

  • TFA Dostmann GmbH & Co.KG

    TFA Dostmann GmbH & Co.KG

    Thermometers, hygrometers, barometers, compasses, weather stations.

  • ZYGO ® / AMETEK Germany GmbH

    ZYGO ® / AMETEK Germany GmbH

    Laser interferometer, optical 3D profiler.

  • Kroeplin GmbH

    Kroeplin GmbH

    Digital and analogue lever gauges for external and internal measurement.