Bridge-type and horizontal arm coordinate measurement machines

Optical and multisensor systems and machines

Computer Tomography

Measurement of form and surface

Measurement devices and instruments
- passameter; micrometer; calipers; internal digital and analogue micrometer and gauges; digital and analogue dial test, depth and thickness gauges; inductive and incremental sensors; magnetic holders
and stands, precision measuring tables.

Systems for calibration of test equipment
- dial gauge testing systems; horizontal length measuring systems; gauge block test stations; measuring tape test systems; plug gauge test instrument; vertical length measuring systems.

- standard gauges and gauges blocks; limit plug gauges; setting ring gauges for measuring instruments; taper gauges; keysetting limit gauges; square limit plug gauges and hexagon limit gauges; limit snap gauges; setting gauges for snap gauges acc. DIN 2253 as well as thread gauges acc. ANSI and DIN.; pin gauges and spirit levels.

Measuring equipment for coating thickness, magnetic field meters, magnetizing and demagnetizing equipment, ultrasonic thickness gauges and surface testing devices

- products for measuring the hardness of rubber, plastics and other non-metallic materials according to Shore (Durometer) and IRHD.

Thermometers, hygrometers, barometers


Laser interferometers


Anti-vibration products for machinery and equipment
- insulation pads, levelling elements, precision levelling wedges, rubber and membrane air springs, vibration insulated laboratory tables and platforms.